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Sumie has an obedient son, studies well and is very obedient. He has many friends, of course his friends are the same, only one person is very lazy, shy and not be sociable. Because he wanted his friend to be more active, he took him out to many places, not to mention his own house. He did not know that he had done an extremely wrong action, causing tiger entered the house. Although he never revealed his personality, deep inside, his friend was a teenage pervert. As soon as he entered his friend's house, he ran everywhere looking for something that could help him satisfy his nature. Unfortunately, while he was doing something perverted with his mother's underwear, she suddenly entered. Bewildered and a little panicked, he quickly used all his strength to control and push his mother down. came out and raped her mercilessly. Even though she was much older, because she was a girl, her arms and legs were weak, so she could not resist the long, broad-shouldered young man at the age of strong physical development, so she had to endure it helplessly. humiliation.

 Movie Code: HTHD-207 
 Movie Studio:  
 Actor: Hirota Sumie